How does our garden grow?

We made a dent in the front yard re-landscaping project.

After we learned recently that one of our newest neighbors is a landscape architect, we invited him by for a consult in exchange for a six-pack of beer. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, he’s taken.

While he was here, he sketched out some improvements and even measured and marked the main points so we could do the planting ourselves.

Ancient history pic, from the ones used to sell the house:

Except by the time we bought it, those crepe myrtles were pretty much covering the second-story windows and the siding was turning green from lack of sun. Over the last few years, we’ve ripped out the wrong-sized myrtles and the scraggly, dying evergreens in the front bed.

Most of this year, the bed was just dirt. And rocks. And weeds. And a few shards of landscape cloth from when KK ran out of it after starting to put it down in an effort to tamp down the weeds and cover up the dirt, in preparation for planting. Eventually.

A few months ago, KK finished the landscape cloth, and we found a company to deliver mulch. It already looked much better than the eclectic “surface-of-the-moon meets vacant lot” look we’d cultivated. Not to brag, but we had had some interest from city planners in Detroit and Afghanistan who were hungry to learn about our innovative “hands off,” no-resource landscaping techniques.

Saturday morning, it was time for a trip to the wholesale-but-open-to-the-public nursery the next town over.

It’s not a Subaru, but it’s close.

Several hours of digging and squatting and pushing dirt later, we had this:

[All those wires are cable co-axes from the TV addicts who used to live here. It’s a 3 bedroom house, and they had 8 TVs in and around the house when we walked through, and every last one of them was turned on. We’re going to have most of them removed and/or replaced with white.]

They’re wee plants yet, but we are dedicated to watering them and watching them start to fill out in the spring.

And I am more convinced than ever that the shutters should be black. Wouldn’t that look more polished than Faded Dreams Burgundy?