Name That Tune, Felix Wunderkind

We popped into Kris’ office this morning to deliver an important message. She was listening to, at that moment, the Stereo MC’s “Step It Up.”

After delivering our message, Felix asked sweetly, “Mama, are you listening to the dinosaur song?”


He continued, “I like this Dinosaur Train song.”

Mamas running to catch up in 3…2…1…

Oh. Wh–?


Holy shit.

I invite you to compare:

What’s the german word for “the first time this happened, it was interesting, but now that it’s happened a second time, it’s even more shocking”?

Because it happened last year, too.

Sometime last year (since March), Kris was listening to Beethoven’s Ninth (the Ode to Joy one), doing chores. Felix ran over to his keyboard and pushed the button to play one of the demo songs. This one:

“See, Mama!”

If it sounded identical, it would make more sense to me.

What is this talent of his called, and how on earth can I feed it?


It’s been real

just passed a wreck on the interstate. Left lane, at least one car totaled, responders on the scene.

Simultaneously, saw a CBS46 news van chugging along by that same spot, and they slowed down, looked at the remains of somebody’s terrible day, and sped off.

“This is nothing new, no television crew / They don’t even put on the siren” — “Star Witness” by Neko Case

A comic snapshot from my life (NHBPM 16)

Our side-by-side refrigerator has a little sub-door so you can pull out milk or drinks without having to open the whole door. I think it was really cutting-edge, somehow, back in the mid-90s when the fridge was made.

The outside of the little sub-door is basically a whiteboard, and we leave notes for ourselves and each other on it. It’s much more useful than the energy-saving drink access.

The notes we leave often come with little drawings, usually stick figures since we are more of the word-artist ilk.

I was pretty proud, though, of the one I left yesterday for KK. We were finally going to see the new Bond movie that evening, and she’s been looking forward to it all year.

I learned early on to use a little extra creativity to mitigate my utter lack of artistic skill. The ladies seem to like it.

Bonus bulleted tiny movie review:

  • I liked this Bond better than the last 20 or so. It had a stronger mental/emotional story component and just a touch less senseless violence — which made it classier and more essentially Bond-like.
  • It also had my favorite opening credit sequence of any of them, by far. The visuals were so rich and polished to that they even managed to make Adele sound legitimate.
  • Daniel Craig’s naked muscley arms make me want to [blushingly redacted] but also they make me want to move into the gym and not come out until I have my own pair.
  • I decided that 80% of Bond’s power comes from his supernaturally well-tailored clothes. (The other 20% is from his arms.)
  • After the movie, I proposed a new sobriety game, where you take a shot every time Bond blinks. The man is a machine.