30 Day Photo Phail (#21-30)

Let’s finish with a bang, shall we?

21. After Dark

We arrived at the park before sunset and sat and read. Well, KK read, and I ate Yogli Mogli and played on my ipad. But then it got pretty, and we went home. Good story! I’ll tell it again. We arrived at the park…

22. Hands

KK’s hands, my favorites — and The Poodle’s, too.

23. Sun

A friendly morning sunbeam on the floor we installed ourselves.

24. Peace

Poodle says, “Peace is having your own heating pad. But if you try to take it away, there will be WAR!”

25. Something orange

After seeing my “progress” with the 30-day photo challenge, this will come as no surprise. We just yesterday changed out our silly suburban summer flip-flops flag for something more seasonal.

26. Close-up

This MIGHT be a 5,000X magnification of the period at the end of a sentence! Or, I MIGHT have gotten frustrated with the iphone’s limited up-close abilities and faked it.

27. From a distance

Yeah, it’s cheating, but who among you didn’t think the same thing when you read the prompt?












28. Flowers

My wedding flowers — everlasting, like our love!

29. Black and white

The bowl of dead things on my desk. I thought black and white might make it look less weird, but now it just looks more Addams Family.

30. Self-portrait

On the way to the dog park. There’s a poodle in there, too, but she blends in with the shadows.

15 – 20. Silhouette, Long exposure, Upside down, Lines, Something yellow, Trees

Talk about running off the rails…a crazy weekend and then KK sprained her ankle Monday, so my blog time and energy were wiped out.

Here are a few pics from the last few days.

15. Silhouette. Spotted at B&N last night, when I dragged KK out of the house on her new crutches to get a caramel apple spice.
16. Long exposure. Since I can’t do long exposure with my iPhone, here is a picture of my new grill.
17. Upside down. The view from my desk, when KK comes in to take a break. The couch is on the other side of my desk. Draw your own conclusions.
18. Lines. The cleaned-up cast iron grates of my new grill.
19. Something yellow. Yellow is my most hated color, so I had to look hard to find any. Finally came up with one of the few yellow things I respect — a nice new Ticonderoga.
20. Trees. These are some the trees I see from the backyard. Please excuse the duvet — it’s laundry day, part 2.


13. Today’s weather

The weather was perfect for painting today, so I finished priming the rest of the cabinets. Ironically, that meant I didn’t get to spend much time out of doors in the actual weather.

One day, this project will be finished. One day.

Here’s a quick comparison shot:

In case you couldn’t tell, my kitchen is the one on the right. snort.