Some pictures from the week before I get too far behind


colorful but blurry sunrise glimpsed behind city buildings and trees
Highly pigmented but blurry sunrise this morning
Nightmare Santa buns at the train station (and every other Backerei)
A gym two doors over from a McDonalds/McCafe
Seb, I have some news for you…
I could stare at this all day. Further proof of ASD or I was a decorative ironworker in a previous life – I did 35mm photo project in 3rd grade of gates all around town, mostly iron, some steel/aluminum.
Wintry mix. I may have to get a non-cotton coat and I am verklempt. Polyester ones whip-whip-whipping give me sensory willies.
Christmas gnome says trans rights.
Lenor, you underestimate the extent to which every shopping experience is a mystery here. Is this laundry detergent? Salad dressing?
I’m shamelessly biased, but a lopsided book/patron ratio makes a lovely pub. And hearing German people order Guinness is just funny.
Seriously, I love metalwork. A lot of the escalators around here are these (now defunct) brand.

2 thoughts on “Some pictures from the week before I get too far behind”

  1. I love these pictures! Also I love how German mashes words together, because it meant I knew those were supposed to be Santa buns IMMEDIATELY, which only made them more horrifying.
    I totally buy that you were a metalworker in a previous life: gruff but sensitive, with a scraggly beard and a collection of nail puzzles you made in your spare time. (That’s how I can picture it anyway)
    Keep the pics and updates coming when you can–i love it!!


  2. I see your Butternikolaus and will raise you a Guagua de pan (Ecuadorian bread baby) next season. Sweet and scary breads, a new subcategory for global recipe books.


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