Preschool open house was tonight, so the boys wore their new/bigger signature shoes to meet their teacher.
Blue for Felix, gray for Emerson, so everybody at school can tell them apart at a glance. I was thrilled to find these mostly-blue shoes with some pink highlights for Felix.🐩 Also thrilled when we found out they’ll have the same teacher as last year – she’s marvy.

One of the cutest thing since ever seen: some of their old classmates came up to say hi. Those friends are all advancing to the 3yo class because they are 3 now, but I know they’ll still see each other on the playground, in chapel, etc – it was nice to know they weren’t forgotten over the summer.

The family who sat behind us during the orientation also had twin boys (fraternal), about 20 months old, new to the school. The mom realized that she had checked us in at the airport when we flew to Germany almost 2 years ago!

I guess maybe she doesn’t meet lesbian moms with redheaded identical twins everyday!

She was pregnant with hers then, and we spoke briefly about it at the time. They’re also raising theirs bilingual (English/Arabic), and we’re probably going to do some playdates.

How crazy is that?! πŸŒŽπŸŒπŸ›«πŸŒˆ
#xpost via Instagram

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