Bad Teen Poetry Saturday Night: Tonic

The sternum thump kickstarts my heart
The beat loosens my locked hips
The strum rips the lid off the cage
that holds
my breath
The organ spins me in and rocks me soothed.

Boom Boom Crash
tap tap tap
Howl and hiss and purrr
and thrum
and burn

Lining up homeostatic processes,
cells start bringing mitotic pulses
shuffling each synapse
into the music of the spheres
right up
to the higher harmonics

Make it hurt so good

Reduce and
Elevate me to Yes
More, please.


(Also, you know, it’s got a beat, you can dance to it.)

volume max on car stereo

Wrote the meat of this after a live show last fall. Live music loud is best, but loud will suffice for the day-to-day. All music has value, and any music is better than none. 

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