I looked more like Amy, but I was #JoMarch to the bone. Okay, like 5% Amy d/t spiteful tendencies when pushed😣 Maybe 9 years old here? I got my ears pierced at 7 or 8 and boobs by 10, so probably 9ish.

My favorite memory of the event was not any of the dozens of pics the nice photog lady took.

It was when I got bored waiting for my sister and mom to finish all their solo shots, and my mom gave me $5 and told me to “here, go buy a Mad magazine or something” at the Eckerd next door. I thought Mad was rude, risqué, only for grownups! *gasp*! (I was quite a pearl-clutcher for a long time.) I ran next door, grabbed a copy before mom thought to retract the suggestion, and immediately became an ardent Mad fan for the next decade or so. To this day, for every blockbuster movie or TV somebody makes me watch, I come up with punny/silly alternanyms for the characters, Mad-style.

Unlike having my picture taken, Mad made me smile.😂 #tbt #longhair #xpost #memorylane #late80s #TheChildQueenAscendsTheThrone via Instagram

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