When strangers ask me how I can tell the boys apart, the nicest thing I can muster is usually “how much time do you have?” (One of the rudest is an aggravated sigh and an exaggerated eyeroll as we stomp away. Because #seriously?) Besides the fact that they are two separate people who look different (it takes a little attention, but they do)…act different…talk different…slide different…they even color different.

As you see here, Emerson tends to fill up a space, with lots of emphatic overcoloring. Felix has a lighter touch, preferring finer highlights and a more restrained palette.

Just one more way these two little people are (drumroll) TWO little people. As I’ve told them before and will tell them over and over and over again forever, “the first thing people notice about you is the least interesting thing about you.” #Redheaded #identicaltwins? That’s just the tip of the iceberg, buddy. How much time do you have?

#teddybearart #xpost #preschoolpicassos #twomoms via Instagram

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