Last snack before bed. Emerson looks out and up and crows “moon! There’s the moon! I see the moon!” You see nothing, so doubt. Trying to do the calculus on which way the house faces and which direction the moon rises in, please dknt put yogurt in your hair, its the east right, and is this one of his pretend things like the elephants outside his bedroom? You’ll see nothing until you finally bend almost double and catch half a fingernail of moon through the black branches. “Yep, there’s the moon.” Case closed.
Then Felix looks up and out and cries “oh NO! It’s broken! There’s a BROKEN piece up there!” And you will look from the moon to the boy and back, and wonder how you could have been so callous to neither realize, nor mourn, that the crescent moon was in fact 86% broken tonight.
#waxingcrescent #mouthsofbabes #moon #beholders #oneoftwins #twomoms #xpost via Instagram

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