The listing realtor comes tonight to see the house and, I hope, give a much-needed motivation injection by telling us the pig’s lipstick looks quite sellable, actually.

Because right now — after at least 6 weeks of concerted purging, boxing, and clearing — it still feels like 80% of my preparation has been…buying a can of Febreeze.

People like Febreeze, right?

The more I want to be gone, the more impossible it seems.

Has anybody ever actually sold a house they were still living in? With two children? Under age 2? And a disability that makes tidying up a monumental effort?

toddler looking uncerrtain
Felix isnt sure, either.

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  1. Good luck good luck good luck! I have no advice since I’ve only been on the buying side, but from everything I’ve seen, you’re house is awesome! Fingers crossed!

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    1. Thank, Katie! That’s very kind of you. When I get some time (hahahahahahaha. Ha.) I’m going to make a book with all the before and afters. It’s still a modest home, but we’ve worked so hard to improve it the whole time we’ve been here. Tl;dr: it’s no mansion, but it’s so much better than it was 🙂


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