Thrift Happy Thursday

There’s so much weird stuff out there. Here’s some I saw recently.

Exhibit A, as in Awwww

I long to develop my taxidermy collection. I dearly do.


This little guy was $8.98. At the thrift store.

And it was missing some…liquid…even though it clearly states “DO NOT OPEN” on the sticker. And where could I get more shark preserving liquid this far inland?

But most importantly?

HE LOOKS SO SAD, with his little frowny shark face all sticking up like that.


Exhibit B, as in, Something I saw in a Public Bathroom

Time to have a *refresher* talk about connotation/denotation.

I’m displeased to report that this “Passive Odor Dispenser” performed its duties exactly as advertised, causing the bathroom to smell like a cross between a public bathroom and a cut-rate funeral home.

Exhibit C, as in Cute and Calculating

Vintage, natch.

I would have paid more attention in math class if my textbooks had been this attractive.

Exhibit D, as in Deer Me

I think this candle snuffer was supposed to be a preppy noble stag, like all the stuff Pottery Barn and everybody did recently.

But doesn’t it look a lot more like a jackelope?

(image from
(image from

Answer: yes. Pass.

Exhibit E, as in Exclusive

The nice spice grinder, which was The BOGO at The grocery store (very The thriftish).

Exhibit F, as in Foodstuffs, wtF?!

A baby carrot that came out of a clearance tray of crudites I picked up at the grocery store last week.

Best part?

It’s organic. ALLEGEDLY.

And for you carnivores, a bonus fuzzy stealth shot from my new farmers market:

It’s blurry, but you read that right.

Stuffed. Chicken. Skin.


In a kind of loaf-ish shape.

For eating.

Have any of you ever tasted this delicacy? If so, I would love a report, because sadly, I have not.

It’s stuffed with a mix that includes breadcrumbs, and I was too embarrassed to ask if it came in a gluten-free version.

But if it did? Oh, buddy.

And last but not least…

Exhibit G, as in Goldmine

It’s so shiny.

That’s a NEW IN BOX Fagor Elite Pressure Cooker set. It was originally $179 at Macy’s.

I got it for $29.

Granted, is a  little more than the “90% off original prices” threshold I set for myself.

(It was only 84% off.)

But it’s never been used! It’s got the box, and all the paperwork, and even the freaking DVD on how to use it.

I’ve never owned cookware that came with its own multimedia extravaganza.

The 5-piece set is missing the glass lid (which probably broke). For $12 I could replace it, but I have several 10-inch regular pots lids, so no need!

I love the $7 thrifted Hawkins Futura pressure cooker I found a few months ago, and these will complement rather than replace it. These have straight sides and because the big one holds 8 quarts, I will be able to fit a few small mason jars in there to do some small-batch canning!

Plus, it’s extensible. There’s a dessert kit I could get for it, to make cheesecake and flan. To make crème-fricking-brûlée.

In a pressure cooker.

What interesting finds have you cooked up recently?

1 thought on “Thrift Happy Thursday”

  1. Last interesting find was the weird little owl I found on a charity shop shelf. It’s on my blog if you want either a) weirded out, or b) to squee because you think it’s cute…

    I like the mathematics book the best. Amazing cover!


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