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My humblebrag excuse for 2013

Thanks for saying it, W. Somerset Maugham. And thanks for posting it, thisisnthappiness.com.


Nigella’s Clementine Cake — For my family’s Christmas dinner dessert, I needed a dessert that was gluten-free (for me), dairy-free (for seester), chocolate-free (for dad), and relatively low-carb (for mom). I used a couple of tangelos instead of the clementines — we’re not Rockefellers, jeez! — but it still worked perfectly and was dead easy.

Cranberry Cake with Warm Butter Glaze — I haven’t gotten around to making this yet because I can’t stop saying “Warm butter glaze. Warm. Butter. Glaze.” over and over in my head.

Pimento Cheese Twice-Baked Potatoes — Sorry, no link because I made it up, but they were awesome with a pressure-cooked mushroom-garlic gravy pork roast and sexy broccoli.

Food for Thought

Shipment of 18 human heads found at Chicago’s O’Hare airport — If I were the Customs agent bureaucrat who intercepted this shipment, it would have been the best day of my life. The next day, I would retire, because I know I would never be able to top this. NEVER.

Suds for Drugs — Speaking of weird news, I’d seen mentions of Tide thefts in the local media. This piece helped explain why.

The Right to Die is the Right to Live — I’m starting to really appreciate some of Vice’s profiles of people who are sick (see also “Zak Loves Mandy,” from a few months ago). Coverage with no trace of treacle and no flinching from the weird shit that is being human and sick.

The Truth about Phones on Airplanes — This struck a chord because I’ve had cause/obligation to fly…4 times?…in the last year or two, after a blissful 10-year hiatus.

I find it infuriating that I have to turn off my electronic distraction exactly when I need it most. And especially after receiving the full TSA treatment last month, wherein the TSA agent, during my patdown, felt the need to comment on my “heavy-duty” bra and then to opine that [my] big boobs are a “good thing” and make for the most pleasant overall body shape.

But it’s the weekend!

Happy time. It’s sunny here for the first time in a week or two, and my flu is over.

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I don’t care if they’re venomous freaks of nature. They could be MY venomous freaks of nature.

What have you found this week that was worth keeping?

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