Thrift Happy Thursday (formerly “Terrible/Wonderful Things I Saw This Week”)

Have you noticed that I’m trying to get all thematic up in hiznouse? Welcome to Thrift Happy Thursday, guaranteed to have 100% less therapy than yesterday. There’s so much weird stuff out there. Here’s some I saw recently.

Exhibit A: When you absolutely, positively, never-ever want to have sex ever again

I would recommend this long-sleeved sweatshirt-nightgown, in bewitching battleship gray, complete with plush behatted kitty and real jingle bell accents.

Recommended accessories: an old copy of Readers Digest, some Metamucil, and your glasses, if only you could remember where you left them.

Exhibit B: Not from the thrift store, but thrifty as in DIY

Beware the Cthulhu outlet!

Just before xmas, KK was replacing most of the outlets on the first floor, because, while they were technically functional, they were all so old that anything plugged in would just fall out.

And according to KK the Outlet Expert, “that’s NOT enough of a reason to not vacuum.”

Pffft. Find a reason or make one, I say!

Anyway, this electrical monstrosity is what KK found behind a single duplex outlet when she went to replace it.

I might be able to understand it if our house were historical, say, and had been lovingly expanded and remodeled over the years.

But it’s not! This house is 8 years younger than the younger one of us!

Exhibit C: Turn it up

And finally, a dear friend who knows how out of touch I am with the music kids listen to these days kindly sent me this video:

I have never found a coat at the thrifts as great as his BUT in college, I did find a giant red faux-fur coat at a yard sale for $1.

Bonus: it had been one of the prizes you could get “for free” when you saved up points from smoking enough Virginia Slims.

It was glorious.

2 thoughts on “Thrift Happy Thursday (formerly “Terrible/Wonderful Things I Saw This Week”)”

    1. An unmitigated disaster. She finally managed to get the new one hooked up and the cover reclosed, but it took 10 times longer than any of the others!


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