National Health Blog Post Month recap (NHBPM 30)


Given the health focus, I guess it’d be insensitive to call it a “post-mortem.”

If you’ve been keeping track, and bless you, I made it until about day 26 before all home improvement hell broke loose and blogging was rapidly deprioritized in favor of demolition, installation, and sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep.

I appreciate your patience as readers for putting up with a such a monotonous project. My goal was quantity, not quality, and I did better than I ever have with a time-limited creation goal (don’t see also: Sept 2012 30-day Photo Challenge and NaNoWriMo 2011). 27 out of 30 is almost in the 90 percents — a solid A-, so I’m satisfied.

I think it was also good to vomit out a few parts of my health story and then beat it to death. It’s not something I normally write about for shits and giggles (I leave that to the Crohn’s crews). But MS is a part of my life story, a part of who I am, and a big part of what made me into the grown-up I am today, for better and for worse.

Looking forward, December will be crazy, with more looming home improvement projects that have to be completed before international family come to visit, and then going to visit some other international family right after Christmas. I’m also starting a new work project that promises to be both a fun challenge and a great work-life fit for us.

Where will blogging fit in? Where is always has, in my decompression chamber and bully pulpit and kitchen laboratory. I hope your next month is as rich and wild as ours. Let’s keep in touch, okay?

For the future historians’ convenience, here are the NHBPM posts I did get written:

Thanks again for reading.

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