A comic snapshot from my life (NHBPM 16)

Our side-by-side refrigerator has a little sub-door so you can pull out milk or drinks without having to open the whole door. I think it was really cutting-edge, somehow, back in the mid-90s when the fridge was made.

The outside of the little sub-door is basically a whiteboard, and we leave notes for ourselves and each other on it. It’s much more useful than the energy-saving drink access.

The notes we leave often come with little drawings, usually stick figures since we are more of the word-artist ilk.

I was pretty proud, though, of the one I left yesterday for KK. We were finally going to see the new Bond movie that evening, and she’s been looking forward to it all year.

I learned early on to use a little extra creativity to mitigate my utter lack of artistic skill. The ladies seem to like it.

Bonus bulleted tiny movie review:

  • I liked this Bond better than the last 20 or so. It had a stronger mental/emotional story component and just a touch less senseless violence — which made it classier and more essentially Bond-like.
  • It also had my favorite opening credit sequence of any of them, by far. The visuals were so rich and polished to that they even managed to make Adele sound legitimate.
  • Daniel Craig’s naked muscley arms make me want to [blushingly redacted] but also they make me want to move into the gym and not come out until I have my own pair.
  • I decided that 80% of Bond’s power comes from his supernaturally well-tailored clothes. (The other 20% is from his arms.)
  • After the movie, I proposed a new sobriety game, where you take a shot every time Bond blinks. The man is a machine.

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