Things I’m Thankful For Today (NHBPM 6)


I didn’t like any of today’s suggested prompts, so I’m making my own. You call it “phoning it in,” I call it “being a maverick.” Doesn’t matter. I’m comfortable letting history decide.

Some things I’m thankful for today:

gluten-free flour mixes

real butter

warm socks

poodle sighs

dark coffee


the Bill of Rights

pretty paper

old friends

universal suffrage

electric blankets


What are you thankful for this week?

6 thoughts on “Things I’m Thankful For Today (NHBPM 6)”

  1. Down comforters. Washing machines. Coupons that = free money. Leftover Halloween Candy. That the elections will soon be over and there will be some resolution (ha).


    1. Ermahgerd! Dern kermferters! Our down comforter is so beloved that it has a name (The Fluffy) and occasionally goes on trips with us. Thanks for reminding me!


      1. We are sadly about to retire ours as it had the misfortune to get a hole in it and spread feathers everywhere. Dog is happy, though, as we have a chain of comforters that eventually make their way to him.


        1. Oh, no — I bet that made a mess! Don’t forget to check the local thrift stores for a replacement — that’s where I’ve bought all of ours for around $15. (Even after adding $30 for the dry cleaner, it’s a steal.) At that rate, Dog could even start buying his own!


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