Things I’m Thankful For Today (NHBPM 6)


I didn’t like any of today’s suggested prompts, so I’m making my own. You call it “phoning it in,” I call it “being a maverick.” Doesn’t matter. I’m comfortable letting history decide.

Some things I’m thankful for today:

gluten-free flour mixes

real butter

warm socks

poodle sighs

dark coffee


the Bill of Rights

pretty paper

old friends

universal suffrage

electric blankets


What are you thankful for this week?


6 thoughts on “Things I’m Thankful For Today (NHBPM 6)

  1. X says:

    Down comforters. Washing machines. Coupons that = free money. Leftover Halloween Candy. That the elections will soon be over and there will be some resolution (ha).


    • EJ says:

      Ermahgerd! Dern kermferters! Our down comforter is so beloved that it has a name (The Fluffy) and occasionally goes on trips with us. Thanks for reminding me!


      • X says:

        We are sadly about to retire ours as it had the misfortune to get a hole in it and spread feathers everywhere. Dog is happy, though, as we have a chain of comforters that eventually make their way to him.


        • EJ says:

          Oh, no — I bet that made a mess! Don’t forget to check the local thrift stores for a replacement — that’s where I’ve bought all of ours for around $15. (Even after adding $30 for the dry cleaner, it’s a steal.) At that rate, Dog could even start buying his own!


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