What I Did Last Monday

My sister LA, KK, and I saw Patty Griffin!

It was her first solo tour in 12 years, I think they said. She was in fine form and sounded great. I was relieved to see that she was way more engaging and talkative than when we saw her with the band a few years ago.

The show nearest us sold out before I knew it existed, so we got tickets to the show the night after, at the Melting Point in Athens. It was a rocking whirlwind trip that made me feel young again…and then not. It’s been years since I drove more than an hour to see a show, and how daring to do it on a weeknight!


But even with the drive, we were home by 11:30.

But it was a cool venue that we’ll be watching to visit again.

We even discovered an excellent mexican place for dinner before. Fajitas with steak, bacon, and ham? I’d be too embarrassed to order those at home, where the same wait staff could judge us every few weeks (desgraciada puta…). But 60 miles away? Bring. It. On.

Set list

If I Had My Way
Long Ride Home
House of Gold
Stay on the Ride
Faithful Son (a new song from forthcoming album, which will be called American Kid – no drop date yet)
“God is a wild old dog” (also from American Kid, and a perfect contender for my Dog Songs that will Make You Cry playlist) (Yes, I have one, and goddamn, are they sad.)
Get Ready, Marie (“a sexy song about my grandparents” that I hope is on the next album!)
Poor Man’s House
Railroad Wings
Flaming Red
Little God (only got through the first line when audience laughed. tried twice, gave up laughing, big applause for being a good sport)
Top of the World
“You can go wherever you want to go” (song from American Kid written after a good dream of her dad)
No Bad News

Getting Ready
Heavenly Day
I’m Gonna Miss You When You’re Gone

3 thoughts on “What I Did Last Monday”

  1. I’ve been wondering what happened when she sang Little God. Why did everyone laugh? Apparently she just tried it that one night because she’d taken it out by the time she got to Norman. I wasn’t sure if there was some joke because of her current beau or what the deal was…?


    1. I wondered, too! I assumed at the time that it had something to do with it sounding a little melodramatically sinister. Maybe a kind of collective nervous laughter?


      1. That would make sense. It is a pretty dark song. I like it, but it’s definitely different than her other stuff. I just thought maybe it was because she is dating the “Golden God of Rock and Roll” that people thought it was funny starting off a song with, “Good morning, little god” …but that’s probably just my own twisted sense of humor 🙂


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