Some things I bookmarked this week #2

Found a great line from Margaret Atwood, to be tucked away for the lost and confusing times.

Recipes some things I’m likely to cook in the next few weeks.

I’m also gearing up to redo much of the front bathroom (previously peeped in the Poop Stool post). This will include my first foray into hanging wallpaper. I do not want to fuck up.

Is it ever too early to start thinking of Christmas? We’re not going to be able to afford much in the way of presents this year, so I figure they should at least look extra good.

I have a cool filing cart that I half spraypainted bright orange and abandoned last year. I’d done a similar one bright blue for KK’s office, and it looked great, especially with her repro vintage Orangina poster. I thought a different bright color would perk up my own workspace, but after doing half, it just looked like the kind of filing cart a safety-conscious hunter would roll into the woods.

We’ve been busy turning our de-landscaped front yard into a lush emerald paradise. This will have its own post soon.

Is it ever too early to start thinking about growing things next spring? (Yes.) Will that stop me from doing so? (I think we all know the answer to that.)

Can you really turn turtleneck (or crewneck) sweaters into wearable cardigans? I hope so! I can’t wear turtlenecks because they make me feel like I’m being garroted by an elderly python. And I see cashmere ones all the time in KK’s size, but she can’t wear turtlenecks “because.”

The rest of my favorite links are here. What have you found this week that was worth keeping?

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