Spam Surfing

I just hauled in my first spam harvest of the season, and it’s a bumper crop.

Well, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but if you insist, I’d be rude to deny it. Next lesson in the great internet education: spelling.
Aw, stop it! Now you’re just embarrassing me!
You granodmther is a wise woman, Yordan.
But Yordan is bringing me a cake! Do you KNOW how many calories are in a spam cake? I can’t even count that high.
“Chgunigg?” Is that you, Cthulhu?
Who told you about my chugging?! Dammit, Cthulhu!
HA! Direct hit. The info nerd in me loved this too much.
I didn’t think it could get any better than that last one! Real readers, beware – the spambots are eating your comment cake.
Now you’ve gone too far. I”m not THAT KIND of nerd, but I’ll give you 5 points for unexpected use of metaphor.
I know the internet is good for finding your niche, but this just comes across as kind of threatening, like unstable thunderstorm weather. Are these two big groups of moms ever in danger of starting a rumble or something?

That was fun! Way better than the fake viagra and cheap watches email spam I get. Seen any good spam lately?

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