Everybody out of the pool

We closed the pool this weekend. Fall is now welcome to proceed.

The weather was deliciously cool, hovering in the 60s and cloudy. I even wore long sleeves for much of the day, even while outside, even while moving around! That hasn’t happened in a long, hot time.

Right now all the pool furniture is sitting in the other side of the backyard, waiting for me to clear some room in the shed and put it all-the-way away.

Yesterday, when I grabbed the (closed) umbrella to slide it up and out of the table, my fingers landed on something not umbrella.

Something soft and cool and ever so slightly clammy.

So I changed my grip and took the umbrella over to the grass, planning to open it out and gently evict whatever had taken up residence in the last few weeks.

The clammy spot was a darling, sleepy Cope’s gray treefrog!

Check out those awesome eyes!

They’re the most common treefrog in our area, but we almost never see them, as they tend to stay up in the trees and are nocturnal. (We see a lot more of the green treefrog. They mostly come out at night, too, but they love to hang out on the kitchen windows.) This little guy looks monochromatically dull, but the webbing between his toes is bright yellow.

The umbrella was not finished giving up its treasures, though, as it also contained not one but two BIG green anoles!

“And where, pray tell, might I find another tiny monocle to replace the one you so churlishly rent asunder in your haste to move yon umbrella? Well?!”

We grew up calling these “chameleons,” because they do change from electric bright green to medium brown based on their environment. But I’m trying to get used to calling them by their proper name, once I figured out how to pronounce it.

The anoles don’t bite or drop their tails as readily as skinks, so they were more fun to catch when I was small and moved faster than I do now.

But speaking of skink tails.

Poodle found a ground skink in the living room a few days ago. Lucky for us all, she’s good at tracking and alerting but manages to hold off on the eating part, so I got ready to relocate the slender skink back outside.

I succeeded 75% because the wriggly little bastard got so freaked when I brushed (no pull! no tug!) his tail that he jettisoned the last inch and a quarter of it.

Which proceeded to writhe and flop around while the rest of him ran for new cover under a pair of KK’s shoes nearby.

While I proceeded to scream for KK to come see the sideshow-style performance.

I got a handle on the skink and put him out on the front porch. His tail flopped around for over 3 minutes, though, before coming to rest. And when I got a paper towel to pick it up and dispose of it, it started up again!

I don’t know if you’ve ever thrown away a living/dying thing before, but I found it deeply unsettling.

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