15 – 20. Silhouette, Long exposure, Upside down, Lines, Something yellow, Trees

Talk about running off the rails…a crazy weekend and then KK sprained her ankle Monday, so my blog time and energy were wiped out.

Here are a few pics from the last few days.

15. Silhouette. Spotted at B&N last night, when I dragged KK out of the house on her new crutches to get a caramel apple spice.
16. Long exposure. Since I can’t do long exposure with my iPhone, here is a picture of my new grill.
17. Upside down. The view from my desk, when KK comes in to take a break. The couch is on the other side of my desk. Draw your own conclusions.
18. Lines. The cleaned-up cast iron grates of my new grill.
19. Something yellow. Yellow is my most hated color, so I had to look hard to find any. Finally came up with one of the few yellow things I respect — a nice new Ticonderoga.
20. Trees. These are some the trees I see from the backyard. Please excuse the duvet — it’s laundry day, part 2.


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