Weekly Menu: September ending

I shouldn’t complain, but that’s never stopped me before.

The weather forecast: sunny, dry, and disappointing. Sure, it’s not going to rain, but we’ll have highs in the mid-80s all week. My heart and tummy are ready for thick fall fare — meats and veggies simmered for hours in red wine and herbs, rich cassoulets, things with potato crusts, hot apple cider. Things I have to turn the oven on for! But not this week.

Monday – OUT for Chinese
I had just cut the grass in the back AND front yards when KK, returning from her trip, was hyper-oxygenated and astute enough to notice that I deserved to not also make dinner.

Tuesday – Black bean and sweet potato red enchiladas, yellow rice, blue corn tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole
This is easily one of the most colorful meals we eat. And, as a pretty hardcore carnivore, there are very few meals where I could say “I didn’t even miss the meat” without laughing and choking on the bone I’m gnawing on. But this is one of the few. It gets bonus points for convenience, too, because I froze leftover mashed sweet potatoes a few weeks ago, so this will be a layer-and-bake cinch.

Wednesday – Nurenberger sausages, german potato salad, red cabbage
Aldi is starting to get their Oktoberfest foods in, which includes these tasty little Nurenbergers. They’re about the size of breakfast links but much tastier. And I still have half a pack of bacon to use up, hence the potato salad.

Thursday – Beans (pinto) and cornbread, sliced tomatoes, homemade gf chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream 
Can you tell it’s budget grocery week? Beans twice?! Yeah, it happens. This time, though, instead of soaking dried pintos overnight, I’m going to try canned ones. I like the ones at Chipotle better than my homemade ones, and I’m betting it’s at least in part because they use canned while I’m using (old?) dried ones.

Will also be making a larger-than-usual cornbread so I can save half for chicken and dressing next week. And I found a bag of gf chocolate chip cookie dough chunks in the freezer last week, so KK can finally have her ice cream of choice.

Friday – Pizza with the Pals, or OUT
I’m going to try a new gf crust! I hope it’s good. My plan includes a longer-than-recommended parbake during which I might flip it to cook on both sides. My hope is that drying it out will increase the chewy and decrease the spongy.

What are y’all eating this week?

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