Menu Plan Monday 9.17.12

This week’s menu is truncated because KK is heading to a work conference Tuesday, and I just don’t cook and eat like a normal person when she’s gone.

Partly because it’s hard to cook for one without wasting a lot of food. I’m fine with leftovers once, but three times? Pass. It’s also because I hate doing dishes. Less cooking = fewer dishes to wash = more time to live. Play through.

Let’s Eat

Monday – Eggplant Parmesan in the slow cooker, corn pasta, sexy broccoli
This was KK’s special request for Last Homecooked Meal for a Week.

Tuesday – Lentil sausage spinach soup
We found a quart in the freezer the other day. KK had half Sunday morning, so I’ll finish it off.

Wednesday – Gluten free Cinnabon clones based on the awesome Gordon Family cinnamon rolls recipe
Let the experimentation begin. My instincts say it’s going to come down to the butter/flour ratio and the xanthan gum amount.

Thursday – Steak(s) from the Cajun butcher, everything (aka bacon) baked potato
The weather’s supposed to get clear and cool, so I’ll probably celebrate by driving out to the Cajun butcher and treating myself. KK’s not big on steaks or bacon, so this one is alllllll for me.

Friday – OUT with the Pals, I hope
I always write “OUT” in all caps on the days I can plan not to cook at home.

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