Cocktails for “celebrating” the end of your TWW

To my dear friends who are facing another month of buying tampons instead of diapers, I offer this list of 21 pertinent potables:

Menstrual cramp Martini
Lay on the couch and sob Daiquiri
Maybe we should just adopt a White Russian baby

The Old Fashioned way isn’t working
Please, no more Sex on the Beach
Only one Pinkie line

Blood Slide
Rum and More Rum
PMS (Pre-Menstrual Shots)

Longfaced Iced Tea
Hormonal Hurricane
Instead Cup

Empty Belly Bellini
Ugly Cry Caipirinha
Why Me Mimosa

Gin and Bear It
Haven’t Showered Sazerac

Tequila Sunrise to Sunset
Mai Tai’m of the Month
Tom Collins and his wife are having a baby – why cant we?

Honorable mentions:
Dark and Stormy
Bloody Mary
and anything with bitters

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