Friday Fine Art post


Looks like it’s time to sharpen those pencils!


I hope that’s not a weird euphemism for something gross. I’m off to check urban dictionary while you admire the poodle.

30 bewildering minutes later…


I’d like to start by apologizing to you, the poodle, my friends and family, all former and potential employers, my alma maters, and anyone else whom I’ve offended here today.

Not only is that a weird euphemism for a number of debased and logistically-implausible misdemeanors, but according to urban dictionary, so is every. single. thing I’ve ever thought or said. There are no safe words.

Safe words?

Stop it! Ew. I feel like a need a shower.

A shower?

Aarrgh! Just end this before even my good name gets destroyed by this meat grinder of immorality.

Oh, yeah?

Lord have mercy upon us.

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