Hometown Hero: I love our bug guy

Not only is Junior knowlegeable, personable, and professional, he also just really enjoys what he does. 

I drove up from the store today as he was getting some things out of his truck to treat our recurring summer ant problem. KK came out as I unloaded some things from the back of the car, and Junior said, “Hey, y’all wanna see something?”

“Yeah!” Of course

He walked with trophy from a house he’d treated earlier today, a glue trap torn he’d used to snag two fat black widows. One’s leg was still waving! Check out those hourglass figures.


Of course then I had to invite him in to see Sthally Sthlithers and my crispy frog.


I found Sthally in exactly this position a week or two ago on an early morning dogwalk. Look at that pathos

Sthally knows sthecrets, but her lipsth are sthealed.

But about the bug guy.

Junior is so great, and I think the company is great for recognizing his greatness. After he won Associte of the Year in 2009, Sovereign started a “Be Like Junior” program (!) to encourage ALL of their associates to “aspire to Junior’s standard.”

His services are probably the only good thing we inherited when we bought this house. The previous owners had the termite bond with Sovereign, so we called them the first year when it was time to reinspect.

And we’ve been calling them back ever since, for routine treatments and show-and-tell times. Junior, and the associates he’s inspired, are our hometown heroes.

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