To Dine For Tuesday

I would be a food blogger if I had a camera. Every picture I take with my iphone looks a dog’s breakfast. Except the dog’s breakfast, which looks even worse.


Grrrr! I’m so hungry I could eat a stuffed squirrel

Our supper tonight includes:

  • cedar-plank grilled salmon with a mustard-bourbon-brown sugar glaze
  • baby lima beans
  • chocolate-dipped coffee ice cream glazed doughnut sandwiches (sinspiration), with homemade coffee ice cream from this recipe and chunks of blondie from a gluten-free adaption of this recipe and purchased Krispy Kremes

And for dessert, I’ll be drinking bourbon and trying the first bag of Bacon Pop(corn) while we watch the 3rd Bond film.

_   _   _   _   _   _   _


The ice cream doughnut sandwiches were awesome. I didn’t have chocolate chips in the pantry, so I made a half-batch of my favorite hot fudge sauce (subbing the chocolate with cocoa/butter/sugar) to drizzle on top. And I made it in my gorgeous staub saucepan, which is perfect for melty things like that. =)

They sandwiches weren’t as pretty as the originals, and we had to eat them with a spoon because of the hot fudge (boo hoo, I know).

They tasted like lazy grownup ice cream eclairs. I think they’d be good with my french vanilla bourbon ice cream, too, and a strawberry sauce.


When I finished mine, I went to get a cup of milk and asked KK if she wanted a glass of water. She shocked me, first, by saying, “No, I’ll get it myself.” Then when she got into the kitchen, she paused and said, “Do we have any more donuts? I just want another donut.

When a junk food can make you eschew water, your body’s most basic need, it’s a winner.

2 thoughts on “To Dine For Tuesday”

  1. I just saw the ice cream doughnut sandwiches on taste spotting today- you have to let me know how they are….i think they sound amazing. be still my doughnut-loving heart 🙂


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