Is it big enough to qualify me for the HOV lane?


Wonder if I can smoke in the waiting room.

An honest-to-god transcript of everything my refreshingly unchatty ultrasound tech said, from start to finish:

“Lie down on the bed here. I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Tilt your head way back, like this.”

Warm goo!”

“You doing okay?”

“Wipe all that off with those…washcloths…and meet me outside. I’ll walk you out.”

She was a gem.

In between, there was a symphony of clicking and computer blips. I could barely see the screen, upside down and peripherally, from my prone and gooey position, but she found whatever had been seen on my MRI.

From my perspective, it was a giant black hole, but when she dragged the little measuring vectors across, it was only about 1.25cm in diameter (or ɯɔ 52˙1), which goes toward explaining why it wasn’t palpable.

I have a lot more experience reading MRIs and xrays, so I don’t know what view she was using, but at one point, a couple of areas on the screen turned colors, but the black hole didn’t.

I’m mainly curious to find out where exactly it’s located and whether I need to start charging it rent.

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