Today’s Hossness: Kitchen Cabinet Demo

As in demolition, not demonstration.



Well, it’s a medium before – after we’d taken all the cabinet doors off and painted the bottom.
And yes, it’s a crazymaking level of visual clutter. We deal.



The beginning of an improvement, no?

Some in-progress shots:

  1. Empty and unmoldinged.
  2. Pulling away from the wall. slow work.
  3. Even Jesus only needed three – who did these people think they were?
  4. Blood on my tools. I had a tetanus shot this spring.
  5. KK removing the ugly fluorescent fixture full of approximately 10 billion mosquito carcasses.
  6. Before we started, I lit some candles to St. Bobvila, patron saint of DIYers.
  7. Gone!
  8. Farther view from the dining side

[Oh, Posterous, when will we be able to caption in galleries?]

I’ve been thinking of doing a couple of open shelves where the cabinet was, including (maybe) a microwave-depth one lowest. If we could do that, then we could get rid of the buffet eating up space against the far wall. Also, it would consolidate all the cooking into the kitchen proper.

Now we have to get an eletrician in to redo the light over the sink. We’d like to do something from the ceiling, either a mini pendant or a track. I could replace the fixture with my eyes closed (almost), but this one currently comes out of the wall with several extra FEET of conduit, and I haven’t the foggiest idea of how to get it from the ceiling instead.

And I’m going to make a roman shade for the window — all the kitchen windows, actually.

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