Recipe: Mama Jacque’s Lime Salad


Melt 10 large marshmallows
in 1 cup Fresca (or Seven-Up) – or Sprite
Remove from heat.
Add 1 package Lime Jello
1 envelope plain gelatin
1 large pakage of Phil. Cream cheese or
(1/2 package Calorie-Wise cheese)
1 can crushed pineapple and juice
1 large Cool-Whip
a dash of salt
Congeal in large pan.

Mama Jacque was my paternal grandmother. Every holiday that we ate at her house, she always set out little squares of congealed salad on lettuce leaves, on proper little salad plates with proper salad forks. Christmas was often a cranberry salad (I also have that recipe, but you can imagine it based on the one above) and Easter was often lime.

Thanksgiving was lunch out at the White Columns restaurant at the holiday inn (?) down on Riverside. Their salad wasn’t as good, but they did always have little relish plates, with pickles and non-exotic crudités nestled on chipped ice, with the radishes cut into little roses and the celery clipped into frills.

The lime salad was always my favorite, and I’m making it for Xmas day with the family tomorrow. My twist will be to congeal it in individual little aluminum molds, so I can do 2 nondairy ones for Lana and they’ll plate better.


UPDATE: The nondairy version was just as good as the original! I just used more cool-whip in it. Easy as salad.

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