Pimento cheese or pimiento cheese?

The secrets to (my) great pimento cheese:

  • Shred the cheese right before you mix it. The pre-shredded cheese in a bag has “anti-caking” additives like powdered cellulos, calcium carbonate, and/or potato starch. Though Sargento is happy to remind us that these are natural ingredients that “pass through your body as any food does” (mmm!) they take away from the cheesiness.
  • Use lots of mayo. Light is pretty good, full-fat is best, but fat-free has no place in pimento cheese.
  • Use twice as many pimentos as Mom does. Get the 8-oz jar.

8 oz block extra sharp cheddar
8 oz block sharp cheddar
8 oz jar of chopped pimentos, drained
3/4 cup of mayo, to start – you may need more to get to the right texture
heavy sprinklings of your favorite season salt, black pepper, and especially cayenne pepper (you can use powdered chipotle, too)

In a very big bowl, mix the mayo, pimentos, and seasonings together.

Shred the cheese in a food processor (quick) or by hand (painfully slow). Add the cheese to the mayo-pimento mixture. Mash it all together. Add more mayo as needed until the mixture is smooth and tasty.

Makes a great sandwich, cheeseburger, omelet, crepe filling, or dip. Would keep at least a week in the fridge, but only if you hide it in the back where nobody can find it.

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