Confetti nacho salad with beef, beans, and rainbow veggies

I call it taco salad, because all the flavors are there, but instead of using the big crunchy shells, I serve it all over a bed of tortilla chips.

Top, tail, and dice

  • a purple onion
  • a zucchini
  • a yellow squash
  • a red bell pepper (seeded of course)

and saute them in a really hot skillet with a touch of canola oil.

When the onion and veggies start to brown, add

  • a pound of 93/7 lean ground beef
  • a can of drained light red kidney beans
  • several cloves of minced garlic
  • salt and pepper, and
  • a generous helping of fajita seasoning and/or Italian herbs and chile powder

and stir until browned. If the mix gets too dry, add a big squirt of ketchup (fancy planner-types might opt for tomato paste).

Spoon over chips, and top it like a taco: salsa, guacamole, light sour cream, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, sliced green onions…

Roommate reviews:
Kris: “It was delicious!”
Alanna: “It was sweet and spicy. And pretty!”
Lula, poodle: got a few nibbles of beef and beans and cleaned her bowl

This recipe made 6 generous 3-pt servings.

1 thought on “Confetti nacho salad with beef, beans, and rainbow veggies”

  1. I'm incredibly and unabashedly in love with all things EJ! You're my hero. If we weren't already friends, I'd beg you to be friends with me! 🙂


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