Post LP Blues

Yesterday, I had to spend as much time as possible lying down flat on my back. This started at the hospital, where they put me in a room for four hours (Intro to Back-lying 101). Kris was excellent company, and they even brought me dinner (chicken pot pie and broccoli) and all the apple juice I could drink.

Then, I got to get up just long enough to walk to the car and lie down in the back.  Once home, it was onto Advanced Back-lying 240 — no getting up for 24 hours, except for potty and food.

The goal of all this inactivity?  We were trying to ward off a spinal headache, the Hells Angel of the migraine world. And at first, I thought it would work.

When I tried to test the waters by getting up for lunch Wednesday, though, I started getting a headache around my eyes and lost my appetite. Pretty quickly, it got worse, so I took a bunch of Tylenol and went to sleep. When I woke up a couple of hours, later, the headache was pretty much gone.  I leaned up to watch some tv, then back to bed.

Fast forward to Thursday: I woke up, and immediately had the same headache. Tried to get ready for work, despite feeling increasingly worse. Barely managed to walk the dog to the top of the street, then felt so poorly I had to lie back and close my eyes while I ate my toaster strudel. (Red flag? Maybe I'm color blind.)

Planned to get coffee (for the caffeine – it's recommended for post-LP care) on the way into work. Unfortunately, I started feeling more and more nauseated, and had to pull over short of my exit on hwy 78 to throw up. Cleaned up at the QuikTrip, turned around to come home. Had to puke again before I could make it. My head was hurting so badly I was afraid my eyes would pop.  Seriously.  Like a ripe pekingese.

Kris brought me super-strength Tylenol and Excedrin migraine from the pharmacy. I tried the Excedrin. It knocked back the pain, but gave me yucky acid stomach.  Aspirin and I do not get along.  I did eat some chicken noodle soup late in the afternoon.  I had Friday off, but had to be back at work on Saturday or burn some of my dwindling sick days.

I went to bed Thursday with the ultimatum that if I didn't feel better in the morning, it meant I'd developed The Headache despite everyone's best efforts, and I would be forced to call the doctor.  And go back to the doctor.  And get another needle poked in my arm and my spine.

By this point, I generally felt like I was having a neurological meltdown.  And by Friday morning, The Headache was raring to go, and I was sick enough to make the trip back to the DMC (Dekalb Medical Center, yo).  Bring it.

Now it's your turn

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