Pre-MRI surprise


I got a message on my cell today from the MRI place, confirming my appointment. At the end of the message, the lady said to call her because my copay “might be more than I was expecting.” WTF? I quickly dialed, worried because it was already after 6pm on a Friday. Luckily, someone answered. I told them about the cryptic message, and she said my copay for the 3 scans will be $585.70.

I have to pay at least half of that before they'll do my procedures. And, oh yeah, they take credit cards except for Discover. I was so amazed, I forgot to ask if I can bring music.

If I'm lucky enough to not end up physically disabled, I'll certainly be financially disabled! What should I do? I'm suddenly feeling like I'm not sick enough to make this worthwhile. I hope I may be able to cancel without penalty if there's someone to take my call tomorrow.

But wait, the story has a punch line: I picked up Chinese food on the way home. After I ate, my fortune said: Your financial life will be secure and beneficial.

Beneficial to whom? Decatur Health Imaging?!

Ecch. Fear and disgust.

Now it's your turn

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